MCC Desktop Computer Backup

To prevent the loss of data which may arise from problems such as hardware failure and to improve the level of computer support provided to MiraCosta College's employees, Academic Information Services (AIS) has implemented a program to copy files from standard locations from on-campus computers to the network server into your home directory folder.

At this time, this backup feature is available to PC users only. Employees with MACs can back up their computers but this process is done manually. Also, this feature cannot be set up with multiple profiles.  The program runs approximately once each week and backs up the following files:

These files will be stored in your Home directory on the H: drive. If you have important institutional data in another location, they should be moved to one of these folders (such as c:\my documents). If you require training or assistance moving data or possibly setting default file locations in other applications, please submit a Basic Service Request via the online Employee Help Desk.

Other Information

If you would like to back-up your files sooner, you can manually run the backup program. To complete a manual backup:

After logging into your computer, MCC Backup automatically runs and if it has been more than one week since the last backup, it will begin copying files. This will not keep you from doing other things with your computer. If you have a great deal of data, it could take several minutes to copy the files which may cause your computer to run more slowly during this time.

Normally, there is a 200MB limit to backup the program to save disk space on the server. If more space is required for your computer's backup files, this size limit can be bypassed with a password.  If you receive an error message ("Your data is not being backed up because it would require greater than 200MB of storage on the server."), submit a Basic Service Request via the online Employee Help Desk. Security is ensured -- other employees will not have access to your data and email.

Please contact the Employee Technology Help Desk ( with any questions or issues about this process (, 760.795.6850 or, x6850).