Career counseling & Assessment

All students should choose their major before they develop their education plan. Choosing a major and a career is a process that can include exploring one’s interests and skills through college classes, internships, volunteer and/or work experiences, as well as leisure activities. Students exploring majors and careers can benefit from:

Career Counseling

Meet with a Career Counselor to help you choose a major and explore careers. It’s helpful to see a Career Counselor if you:

Career counselors are committed to providing guidance, information, and support to facilitate your career development journey.  We focus on YOU and assist you with a process to help you determine your educational and career goals. Remember, this process takes time, so visit us during your first semester at MiraCosta College.

A Career Counselor will help YOU:

Call the Career Center at 760.795.6772 to schedule an appointment.

Take A Career Assessment

Self-Scoring Assessments 

Check out these great resources – no appointment necessary.

Counselor Interpreted Assessments

Call the Career Center at 760.795.6772 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor prior to completing the following assessments: