Vocational ESL (VESL)

MiraCosta College’s noncredit Vocational English as a Second Language program at the Community Learning Center offers courses that will help you explore career options, prepare to get a job, improve your English skills for your current job, or prepare to study for a career.

Students may enroll in the afternoon or evening classroom course in which they practice English for getting a job, communicating in the workplace, working as part of a team, and completing important speaking, reading and writing tasks and projects related to work.

Students can study modules to help them gain vocabulary and reading skills in one of these career fields:

Instruction is provided through the use SCANS, an engaging textbook, the latest teaching methods, and state-of-the-art computer technology.

Check List


Lab Syllabus

Writing Tasks

Write a Career Goal Statement

Your first writing assignment is to describe your career goal. You gave up free time, work assignments, and/or time with your children to come to VESL class. We are glad to have you in this class. However, to make this class meet your expectations, Angela and I need to have a clear idea about your career goal.

Sample Goal Statement

My name is Minerva Nielsen. I am from Norway, and I have lived in the United States for four years. I speak Norwegian, Swedish, and I also speak a little English. I attended 12 years of school in Norway, and I also completed a computer certificate course. In Norway, I worked as a home aide for older people. I cleaned for them and cooked their meals. In the United States I have only been able to find work as a hotel maid. I liked helping the older people in Norway because I felt good that I could make their lives better, and they were always so glad to see me. I don't really like cleaning hotel rooms because it is boring, and I never get to talk to anyone. I would like to work in an office in the United States. I hope I can learn to speak and write English well, and I want to learn more about computers.

Complete the ESL Career Plan using Information from Eureka

Now it's time to begin to focus on the right career for you. This activity will help you learn about different careers and make a plan of action - your own career plan. Follow these steps and be prepared to learn a lot!

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