Title IX Training: Campus save act: Student Upstanders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I have to take this training?

MiraCosta College requires all students (regardless of whether you are a full or part-time, credit or noncredit student) to complete this training on an annual basis to promote a healthier and safer campus community.

MiraCosta is also required under federal law (specifically, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, also known as the “Campus SaVE Act”) to administer training on sexual misconduct and relationship violence to all students on an annual basis.

2. What is Title IX?

Title IX is a section of the federal law that prohibits sex (gender) discrimination in educational institutions. The law states that "no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."  Many people have known it as a law requiring equal male-female representation in sports teams at U.S. colleges and universities, but it actually demands gender equity in all academic programs and student services on college campuses that receive federal assistance.

3. What conduct is prohibited by Title IX?

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex (gender). Title IX prohibited conduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

4. What topics are covered by the training?

The Get Inclusive training module examines the interconnected issues of sexual relationships, sexual violence, and healthy relationships through interactive content and realistic scenarios. It is designed to engage the entire campus community as allies in preventing sexual misconduct and relationship violence by increasing the knowledge and skills around bystander intervention and risk reduction.  The course also contains information on campus resources to assist students and employees in responding to incidents involving sexual misconduct or relationship violence.

5. What if I am under the age of 18?

The Get Inclusive training is designed for students age 18 and over. If you are a dual enrolled student (enrolled in high school and college courses) and under the age of 18, you are not required to complete this training.  Please contact Shawna Sourivanh, Human Resources Secretary, at ssourivanh@miracosta.edu or (760)757-2121, ext. 6976.

6. How long is the training?

The Get Inclusive training is self-paced, which means that each user’s experience will vary.  However, you can expect that the training will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

7. What if I need technical assistance during the training?

If you experience technical difficulties while taking the Get Inclusive training, you can click the ? at the bottom right corner of the training module.  You can also email the Get Inclusive team at support@getinclusive.com.  Be sure to identify yourself as a MiraCosta student, provide your first and last name, and the best way to contact you.  You should receive a response within 24 hours.

8. How do I access the training?

You will be sent an email from Get Inclusive at the email address you have on file at MiraCosta College.  The email will have a personalized link for you to click on to access the training.  The training can be completed on any electronic device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer).

9. How long is the link active after I receive the email for the training?

The personalized email link does not expire.  In addition, until you complete the training, you will continue to receive reminder emails from Get Inclusive.  If you would like to access the training content at a later date, or obtain a copy of your completion certificate, you can click on the same link to be directed back to the training.

10. What is the deadline to complete the training?

The training must be completed by April 13, 2018.

11. Is there a way to waive the training requirement?

This training is required of all students (regardless of whether you are full or part-time, credit or noncredit student), and there are no waivers. An alternate training is available for those who have difficulty with the content due to a previous experience of sexual misconduct. For more information on this subject, please see the next FAQ.

12. This training is difficult for me because I am a victim/survivor of sexual misconduct. What options do I have?

MiraCosta understands that the content in this training may be triggering to some members of our campus community. If you are concerned that the training will be triggering based on a personal experience, you have two options to complete the training.

The first option is to contact Health Services to set up a confidential appointment with a counselor.  The counselor will review the training content, provide additional support, and discuss alternatives to completing the Get Inclusive training. It is advised that you contact Health Services as soon as possible in order to complete the training requirement by the deadline. You may also contact the District’s Title IX Coordinator, Hayley Schwartzkopf.  Please note, you are not required to share any details about your personal experience in order to complete the training.

Health Services, Oceanside Campus: (760) 795-6675

Health Services, San Elijo Campus: (760) 944-4449 x7747

Hayley Schwartzkopf, Title IX Coordinator: (760) 795-6672 or hschwartzkopf@miracosta.edu

13. What happens if I don't complete the training?

If the training has not been completed by the deadline (April 13, 2018) a registration hold may be placed on your account.  You may not be able to register for classes until you complete the Get Inclusive training.

14. I don't have time to completethe training in one sitting. How do I log back into the training after I have initially registered?

Your progress will be saved with each training session. You will be able to access the training via the personalized link emailed to you from Get Inclusive at the email address on file with MiraCosta College.  The training can be completed on any electronic device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer).

15. Do I have to take this training if I had other Title IX training on or off campus?

Yes. We appreciate students who have taken previous training and hope that this program will enhance and reinforce your understanding of issues surrounding sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

16. If I am a “non-traditional” student, do I have to take the training?

Yes. Issues concerning sexual misconduct and relationship violence cross all demographics, including age. This training was designed specifically for the college population, recognizing the fact that we educate a diverse population of students. While not every example or story in the training may feel relatable, the core concepts and messages are practical for all regardless of age. Also, please consider that as a more mature student, you might be regarded by your fellow students as someone whom they can turn to for advice. The information provided in this training will provide you with tools and tips on how to empower yourself, as well as help others.

17. Is the training available in another language?

At this time, the training is only available in English.  However, the training is conducted in a video module format with a full transcript of the training immediately below each video module.  If you are more comfortable reviewing the materials in another language, Google translate can be used to transcribe the training for you.

18. I am a student with a visual disability.  How can I complete the training?

The training is conducted in a video module format with full audio.  If you require another accommodation, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Hayley Schwartzkopf, at (760) 795-6672 or hschwartzkopf@miracosta.edu.

19. Who sees my information once I have submitted my answers?

Get Inclusive has included some self-reflection questions throughout the training.  The responses provided in the training are confidential, and are only reported back to MiraCosta in aggregate, without any identifiable information.  You are not required to answer any self-reflection questions and you can skip past them if you choose.

20. I finished the training, do I need to do anything else?

Once you complete the training, your completion will be marked in the training system and the District’s records. You are not required to notify the Title IX Coordinator of your completion. If you would like documentation of your course completion for your own records, you can print or download your completion certificate on the last page of the training.

21. Who is MiraCosta's Title IX Coordinator?

Hayley Schwartzkopf, Director of Labor Relations & Title IX Coordinator
(760) 795-6672; hschwartzkopf@miracosta.edu

22. Where can I learn more about Title IX and MiraCosta's Sexual Misconduct policies?

You can learn more by clicking the following link: Sexual Misconduct Policy or by contacting the Title IX Coordinator, Hayley Schwartzkopf, at (760) 795-6672 or hschwartzkopf@miracosta.edu.