The Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) Office at MiraCosta College is pleased to announce ClockWork, an online system which provides an easy and convenient way for students to submit exam accommodation requests and download or print their Service Authorization letters.

To use this system all current DSPS students need is to have their SURF ID and password ready and a schedule of the dates and times of upcoming tests, quizzes or exams. 

Once students submit a request the DSPS Student Services Coordinator in consultation with the course instructor, will confirm the exact date, time and location of the exam. All requests will be considered tentative.

Please note: exam, test or quiz accommodation requests must be received seven days before the scheduled date.  Final exam requests must be received 14 days before the scheduled date. ClockWork will not allow students to bypass these restrictions.  All exceptions must be approved by Connie Wilbur, Faculty Director of DSPS.

If you have any questions, please contact the DSPS Office at 760-795-6658.