Minors On Campus - Minors and Curriculum Issues

In the Fall of 2006, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges published the report Minors on Campus: Underage Students at Community Colleges. This publication explores the concerns of faculty with regard to minors on campus.  These concerns include regulatory requirements, curricular issues, authority to limit enrollment of minors, whether or not faculty function as loco parentis, health and safety issues and the role of the local academic senate.

The education codes give authority to community college Board of Trustees to regulate enrollment of minors. Faculty should work with their discipline, departments and local academic senate to recommend board policies regarding enrollment of minors.

On a pragmatic level, many faculty are concerned about whether or not having a minor in their class should influence the content of their curriculum or classroom activities. The answer here is a resounding no. Minors are enrolled with the understanding that they are ready for college level work.

Faculty are not expected to act in loco parentis. Parents are informed via our letter entitled Notice to Minor Students and Their Parents and Guardians that faculty:

The letter also informs parents that students may be exposed to frank discussions, graphic materials and have access to local student health services which allow access to pregnancy and HIV testing and condoms.