Stream Festival


to view a video from previous year's STREAM Festival click on the image above.

A huge “Thank You” to all who supported and contributed to the Annual STREAM Festival. I honestly was hoping we would have at least 75 booths, but we had a huge outpour of faculty, student, and club participation, and had at least 125 booths! I say “at least” because each lab had multiple projects too.

There were 45 professors represented, 7 community partners, 475 student presenters, and 30 volunteers! We could not have done it without our PIO, Facilities, Grounds, Campus Police, and our faculty from Math, Architecture and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Horticulture, IT Club, Psychology, Oceanography, Music, GSA, BSU, Umoja, Equity, Photography, Arts, Sociology, Child Development, Medical Billing, Associated Student Government, ICC, Student Ambassadors, Outreach, TCI, and the Service Learning Staff and Student Advocates who worked so many hours helping to coordinate and plan the event. If I forgot any, please forgive me.

It was so exciting to see our administrators and members of the board of trustees come and witness the great work of our faculty and students; thank you to Sunny Cooke, Alketa Wojcik, Wendy Stewart, and any other administrators I didn’t get to say hi to at the festival.

We had over 2,000 community kids/parents attend the STREAM Festival. Hope you enjoy some of the photos captured by our PIO photographer.